Basic Knowledge Study Guide

United States of America

AFJROTC Basic Knowledge

Chain of Command

Department of Veterans Affairs – David J. Shulkin

Commander in Chief – The Honorable Donald Trump

Vice President – The Honorable Mike Pence

Secretary of Defense – The Honorable James Mattis

Secretary of State – Rex W. Tillerson

Secretary of the Air Force – The Honorable Dr. Heather Wilson

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs – Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr.

Chief of Staff of the Air Force – General Mark Anthony Welsh III

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force – CMSgt Kaleth O. Wright

Commander, Air Education and Training Command (AETC) – Lt General Darryl L. Roberson

Commander, Air University – Lt. Gen. Steven L. Kwast

Commander, Holm Center – Brigadier General Paul H. Guemmer

Commander, Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps – Col Sherry L. Stearns-Boles

Commander, Officer Training School – Col 

Commander, Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps – Col Paul Lips

Area One Administrator – Mr. Doug Williams

1st Chief of Staff of the Air Force – General Carl A. Spatz

1st CMSgt of the Air Force – CMSgt. Paul Wesley Airey

1st Secretary of the Air Force – Stuart Symington

Father of the Air Force – General Billy Mitchell

1st Female to join the Air Force – Ester Blake

Commander of CAP – Col. Michael D Tyynismaa

Important Dates

American Independence Day – July 4th, 1776

Battle of Gettysburg – July 1st-3rd, 1863

What year was JROTC authorized – 1916

Pearl Harbor Attacked – December 7th, 1941

D-Day Invasion- June 6th, 1944

Air Force Founded – September 18th, 1947

What was the first year females were allowed in JROTC – 1973

When and where was the Wright Brothers 1st flight – December 17th, 1903. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Patriot Day – September 11 (9/11)

Names of the Wright Brothers – Orville and Wilbur Wright

AFJROTC Knowledge

Mission of AFJROTC – Develop citizens of character, dedicated to serving their nation and community.

Corps Values – Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do.

Lamp/Torch of Knowledge – Lamp/Torch on AFJROTC patch and c/enlisted ranks.


Colors – RED – Valor; WHITE – Purity; BLUE – Justice

Stars – 50; one for each state in the Union; 5 rows of 6, 4 rows of 5

Stripes- 7 red; 6 white; one for each of the original Colonies

Reveille – Marks the start of the military duty day

Retreat – Marks the end of the military duty day

Halyard – Rope on the flag pole

Windward – Facing into the wind

Leeward – Facing away from the wind

When is Flag Day – June 14th

Marching Knowledge

Slow Time: 60 – 24 inch steps per minute

Quick Time: 100 – 120, 24 inch steps per minute

Double Time: 180, 30 inch steps per minute

Half Step: 120, 12 inch step per minute

Flight: at least 2 but no more than 4 elements

Cover: alignment with the person directly in front of you

Distance: 40inches between yourself and the rank in front of you

Interval: the distance between yourself and an individual placed to your side, measured by 1 arms


Officer Ranks

2nd Lieutenant: O-1

1st Lieutenant: O-2

Captain: O-3

Major: O-4

Lieutenant Col: O-5

Colonel: O-6

Brigadier General: O-7

Major General: O-8

Lieutenant General: O-9

General: O-10




Enlisted Ranks

Airman Basic: E-1

Airman: E-2

Airman 1st Class: E-3

Senior Airman: E-4

Staff Sergeant: E-5

Tech Sergeant: E-6

Master Sergeant: E-7

Senior Master Sergeant: E-8

Chief Master Sergeant: E-9

“NCO” Non-Commissioned Officer and includes top 5 enlisted Air Force ranks

Male Hair – Bulk 1 ¼”, tapered, no hair touching ears or collar, sideburns above the lower ear opening.

Female Hair Bulk – 3 inches, may not prevent proper wear of headgear; if down, does not extend below bottom of collar, bangs not extending out of headgear.

Oak Leaf – Signifies an additional award

Ribbons, Males: Centered on left side of shirt, up to 1 ½ inches distance vertically form second button

Ribbons, Females: Centered on left side of shirt, up to 1 ½ inches distance vertically form second bottom of the nametag.

Phonetic Alphabet

  • A-Alpha
  • B-Bravo
  • C-Charlie
  • D-Delta
  • E-Echo
  • F-Foxtrot
  • G-Golf
  • H-Hotel
  • I-India
  • J-Juliet
  • K-Kilo
  • L-Lima
  • M-Mike
  • N-November
  • O-Oscar
  • P-Papa
  • Q-Quebec
  • R-Romeo
  • S-Sierra
  • T-Tango
  • U-Uniform
  • V-Victor
  • W-Whiskey
  • X-X-Ray
  • Y-Yankee
  • Z-Zulu




Air Force Motto

Aim High, Fly-Fight-Win.

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